THE STACK EFFECT: The Stack Effect is a cyclical flow of air driven by differences between indoor and outdoor air densities and temperatures. Download the PDF to learn more about The Stack Effect and how it impacts the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.

R-VALUE FAIRY TALE: THE MYTH OF THE INSULATION VALUES: The R-value is a modern fairy tale. It's a fairy tale that has been so touted to the American consumer that it now has a chiseled in-stone status. But the saddest part of this fairy tale is that the R-value by itself is almost a worthless number. Read this article to learn more about this modern myth. Click the link on the left to download a pdf of click the link below to go to the website for this article:

R-Value Fairy Tale: The Myth of Insulation Values

SPRAY FOAM INSULATION vs TRADITIONAL - COMPARISON CHART: A simple chart that shows a comparison in laymens terms with illustrations for comparison.

HIGH PERFORMANCE ROOFING SOLUTIONS: This brochure better explains the benefits of a Foam-Lok Roofing System consisting of three layers - spray polyurethane foam, a base coat of elastomeric and a top coat. Download now to learn more.

SPRAY FOAM & SEALANTS YOU CAN COUNT ON: Agricultural operations around the world have come to rely on Rhino Linings spray foam insulation and high density foam sealants. Download this brochure now to learn why.

DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS OF SPRAY POLYURETHANE FOAM INSULATION:  The information in this brochure was assembled in an effort to explain and clarify the sometimes complicated concepts in Building Science as they apply to spray foam. Download this brochure to get a better understanding of the science behind the product. 

NEW  HOMEOWNER GUIDE TO INSULATION:   Building a new home is the ideal time to insulate with Icynene spray foam insulation. In addition to cost savings, there are several ways that Icynene spray foam can benefit you and your family throughout your home.

RENOVATION AND RETROFIT: Embarking on a home renovation is an exciting venture that adds incredible value to your home. Rich in character and charm, your home is your castle – so why compromise on the comfort of you and your family? A home equipped with the right insulation lets you transform your house into home.

MONEY PIT GUIDE TO INSULATION: The Money Pit's Tom Kraeutler provides an insight into the various types of insulation available to homeowners in this comprehensive Guide to Insulation.

Below you will find documents covering numerous topics that pertain to spray foam insulation. Feel free to download these PDFs to learn more about the advantages of spray foam and how it can help you reduce your energy consumption and monthly costs. We're standing by if you have additional questions!